Leduc Website Design: What A Local Business Website Needs to Have

Leduc Website Design

In today’s digital landscape, your local business’s online presence is just as important as its physical storefront. A well-crafted website serves as the virtual handshake to your potential customers, providing them with a first impression that can either make or break their decision to engage with your business. Your website should be a reflection of your brand’s values and offerings, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of your local clientele.


How Online Reviews Impact Local SEO

Online reviews are a vital part of your business’s digital presence, influencing how potential customers perceive your brand and, importantly, how search engines rank your website in local search results. When you’re looking for a local service or business, your search often starts in search engines, and the businesses appearing at the top of these results typically have a robust portfolio of customer feedback.


How To Use SEO To Bring Your Dental Practice To The Next Level

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignLet’s face it, in the digital age, your potential patients are Googling everything before they even think of making an appointment with you. You need to get your dental practice found on search engines and ensure that they see you as a reputable professional who is not just an expert in their field but also someone they can trust.


The Benefits of a Responsive Website

Medical Spa Website Design

Have a look around, and you will see every second person tapping, scrolling, clicking, and just generally engrossed in their smartphone.

There are now more than 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world, making up over half the population. And this number continues to grow by the day.


53 Must-Have Features Your Edmonton Business Website Needs To Have

53 Must-have Features Your Edmonton Business Website Needs to Have

As small business owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to keep things running smoothly. And though you’re an expert in the products or services you’re selling, knowing the right way to optimize your website in order to better convert visitors into actual sales can be challenging.

This detailed infographic from WebAlive can help.


How To Spy On Your Competitors Facebook Ads

How to Spy on Your Competitors Facebook Ads

Facebook has proven to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses. It really helps to connect you to a larger client base, creates more interest in your business and allows you to create a more meaningful bond with your audience. In order to stay on top of your Facebook marketing game, you have to create ads that really capture the attention of your audience, otherwise they could scroll right past you.


Facebook Page Templates – What You Need To Know

Facebook Page Templates

Facebook are making more changes to their pages. After launching a new page look earlier this year the social media giant is now bringing out more new features for their business pages including templates which are rolling out globally today.

Page templates give Facebook page owners new ways of displaying the information on their pages including repositioning their call to actions and tabs depending on the type of service they are offering.


Create Content For People, Not Robots

Create quality content

Having compelling content on your website that is relevant to your business is the best thing you can do to help your SEO listings. Write with your audience in mind and not what you think the Google robots are looking for.


Intention Is Everything

Intention Is Everything

Google is getting increasingly smarter in seeing how their search engine users are interacting with websites. Intention is more important than ever – Are people coming to your website and then going back immediately to the search results and clicking on the next choice, or are they finding the answers they’re looking for when they’re on your site?

Today it’s about the post-click activity.