Professional Photography Services Edmonton

At Wood & Co Creative we believe photography should be about more than just a beautiful photograph. It should evoke emotion and deliver a specific message to the person viewing it. Light, colour and composition all contribute to the end goal of moving your audience to action.

In commercial photography we have even more specific goals with the images we produce. We have listed below some of the specific applications we have in mind when planning a photo session for a commercial client.

When it comes to commercial photography been used online, specific applications require specific solutions. Keep reading to understand how we approach photography for each of these online platforms.

Photography For Edmonton Businesses

Using custom photography in your advertising campaign will provide a professional, cohesive brand image and compliment your messaging.

Uses can include things like:

  • Product photography for a print catalogue, e-commerce website, brochures and social media posts
  • Food photography for printed and online menu and social media posts
  • Portrait photography for corporate head-shots, real estate agents and mortgage brokers
  • Architectural photography – interior and exterior buildings photos for real estate agents, interior designers and websites showing your office workspace
  • Creative photography for print and online use for yoga studios, greenhouses and restaurants to portray a mood or experience

Creative Photography For Social Media

Today, we’re uploading a staggering 1.8 billion images to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat, and WhatsApp every single day.  How will your business stand out in this sea of imagery that we are constantly bombarded with?

We are all visual creatures, and a single photo can tell an entire story in an instant. You need to take advantage of that split second you have to grab your potential customers attention as they scroll through their feed.

Maybe you’re a restaurant and you want to make sure your clients know that your make your own hand-made pasta in house, or you own a flower shop and have a some stunning new peonies in stock, or you’re a yoga studio and have a new teacher joining your group… the list goes on.

Your business is unique so why would you rely on stock photography that has been used by hundreds of other companies, including your competitors? Having a professional take photos of your business showcasing the unique products and service you offer will help you to stand out in a crowd, and separate you from your competitors both locally and nationally..

At Wood & Co. Creative, we like to think you’re getting a 2 for 1 deal when you hire us to manage your social media account. Not only do you get John, who has 20 years of digital marketing experience to come up with an amazing strategy, but you also get Karey, who has 15 years of professional design and photography experience.

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Photography For Web Sites

Creating a mobile-responsive online presence is one of the most important things you can do for your business this year. A great website allows you to share the story of your business, share valuable information with your customers, and build trust. Your online presence should portray who you are as a brand and have your target market and goals in mind.

Although stock photography is easy to get hold of, is also one of the most boring and unoriginal pieces of visual media you can include on your Edmonton website and in reality is sucking your sales away and damaging your brand.

People have an innate ability to tell when something is fake. They can see right through those generic stock photos you have on your website and social media channels. Sure, stock imagery can look amazing and professional, but building a real brand around your business means creating a strong visual identity that nobody else has or can replicate.

Look at any big company like Apple, Nike, or Amazon. Their brand is so defined you can immediately identify them from any other company and they have built up massive trust with their customers

When your business requires product shots, customer action shots, unique designs, and more to build your brand, it is vital you don’t rely on stock photography. Your goal is to build trust in your customer’s minds and obvious stock photography will make your brand seem unauthentic and a huge turnoff.

Having a professional photographer take photos of your products, people and buildings will make sure that those goals are met. Sure, there are times that stock photography is necessary for practical reasons, but if you can use original imagery that reflects who you are as a business it is so much more authentic and interesting to the viewer.

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Headshot Photography Edmonton

In the bustling business landscape of Edmonton, where first impressions matter more than ever, a striking headshot can make all the difference. At Wood & Co. Creative, we understand the significance of portraying professionalism, approachability, and confidence through every pixel. Our headshot photography service in Edmonton is tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike, delivering imagery that speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression.