Client: The Lachance Team

Date: 2nd February 2017


The Lachance Team are a group of friendly, passionate real estate professionals located in Sherwood Park. Their old website was a bland, templated design that didn’t accurately reflect the ‘strength of a team’ tagline or how much they truly care about their local community or their passiona for real estate.

Custom Photography

We used custom photography of the Lachance team throughout the site some of which was shot around notable Sherwood Park locations to showcase their roots in the community.


We also reworked the branding of the site, making it more professional and modern, while choosing a color palette that was both welcoming and pleasing to the eye but simple and refined.


Using the Realtypress plugin, we were able to pull all the Lachance Teams real estate listings and have them displayed on website. The listings now update in real time, so new homes are added as they come up for sale or old listings are automatically removed as they are sold.

Encouraging Inquiries

A series of strong call to actions were added throughout the site along with a contact form place on the bottom of each page to encourage visitors to the site to get in touch with the Lachance Team. We also built in a newsletter signup option.


The Lachance Team are very happy with the way their custom-built WordPress site came together and thanks to its SEO optimized design right out of the gate it has now has risen steadily in the local search engine rankings and is consistently receiving inquiries from people interested in their realty services.