Client: ED Treatments & Men's Health

Date: 1st December 2022


More than 7 million men in Canada suffer from problems with Erectile Dysfunction. From psychological causes to physical issues such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction is a continuing problem for many men. It can greatly affect their relationships and impact their self-esteem while they suffer in silence.

We are very proud of our recent work to bring this issue to the forefront with the caring and compassionate team at ED Treatments & Men’s Health. They offer shockwave therapy treatments that are clinically proven to help the root cause of ED and not just the symptoms.

With a focus on a successful outcome for patients, we created custom content using carefully curated imagery to showcase the effective ways that shockwave therapy can help ED and the ongoing benefits of the treatment to strengthen relationships and improve men’s mental and physical well-being.

FAQs and links to online clinical studies about shockwave therapy help reinforce the treatment’s success along with other features, such as a scrolling bar highlighting the benefits.

We are happy to play a small part in bringing more awareness to this serious issue affecting men across Canada.

What We Did:
– Unique website design and custom content curation
– WordPress CMS implementation
– SEO optimization

As with all of the websites we create, this website is fully SEO-optimized right from the start. Each page is created in a way that follows the best SEO practices in order to rank higher in the search results.