Client: Davidson Creek Housing Cooperative

Date: 1st November 2021


The Davidson Creek Housing Cooperative in Sherwood Park came to us recently seeking a radical redesign of their very outdated website.

The content on the original site was sparse and lacked any real benefits outlining why somebody should want to live at Davidson Creek or explaining what a cooperative is.

We reworked much of the content on the site to emphasize that Davidson Creek is a warm, friendly, and welcoming community of diverse people who all work together for the greater good. Other highlights of Davison Creek that we wanted to ensure were featured on the site were its central location in Sherwood Park and the benefits of being part of a cooperative.

A combination of Custom and stock photography was used throughout the new website design to showcase the family-friendly nature of the community, its diversity, and the amenities found close by.

What We Did:
– Custom written website content
– WordPress CMS implementation
– Custom photography

As with all of the cooperative web designs we create, the Davison Creek Housing Cooperative site is fully SEO-optimized right from the start. Each page is created in a way that follows the best SEO practices in order to rank higher in the search results. The website can now be found in the top ten on Google for people searching for ‘Housing Cooperative near me’ and ‘Housing Cooperative Sherwood Park’, for instance.